Created by the combined talents of Buffet Crampon luthiers and well known artists like Michel Arrignon, Romain Guyot, Pascal Moraguès, Guy Deplus and Paul Meyer, the Tosca clarinet possesses an incomparable level of style and elegance. The Tosca clarinet offers a generous velvet sound rich in warmth and unrivalled in its stability and consistency of intonation. Sets the standard for a new musical aesthetic. The smoothly shaped design of the new keywork gives a heightened level of comfort and sensation. Made in premium selected Grenadilla wood or Green line material, the Tosca innovates with a new perfectly crafted bore design. Equipped with a low F correction key, raised C#/G# tone hole (A clarinet only), GT and cork pads, the Tosca clarinet is available in Bb and A. 

Tosca Bb $7,885  

Tosca A $8,241  

Tosca Eb $8,273 

RC Prestige


Numerous improvements have been made to the famous RC Prestige, now its already remarkable tone is even better: the shape of the bell plays a major role in adding warmth and focus. Carefully chosen quality materials, the talents of the best craftsmen, cutting-edge technology and unparalleled skills come together in the RC Prestige. The body is in M'Pingo wood, selected, dried and tested with care, High precision bore, undercutting of tone holes carried out according to BUFFET CRAMPON strict specifications, keywork in nickel silver, pre-plated in copper, then silver plated, cold power forged, rods and pivot screws in stainless steel and fine tuned, pointed needle springs, GORE-TEX ® pads, Eb/Ab lever. 

RC Prestige Bb $6,848  

RC Prestige A $7,416  

RC Prestige Eb $7,171 

R13 Prestige


 The virtuoso expects more from his clarinet than just mechanical perfection. For him or her it is a unique means of expression. BUFFET CRAMPON's wealth of experience has led to innumerable improvements being made to the Prestige clarinets which in turn offer musicians greater freedom. The wood is carefully chosen for its acoustic and esthetic qualities and therefore remains unstained. The undercutting of each tone hole is carried out according to BUFFET CRAMPON's top of the range stringent standards. The upper and lower joint tenons come with metal rings which reduce the risk of cracks. The keywork is carefully tried, tested and adjusted by expert craftsmen to work perfectly. The models have G.T. pads, an adjustable thumb rest and an Eb/A lever as standard. The R13 Prestige has a powerful sound and a focused and flexible tone in all registers.
R13 Prestige Bb $6,718  

R13 Prestige A $7,074 



 The RC clarinet lives up to musicians' expectations and gives them great freedom of expression. Developed in 1975 by the extremely talented luthier Robert Carrée, who plays an important role in the history of BUFFET CRAMPON, the RC clarinet has a pure, sweet sound. The exclusive design of the RC bore results in easy response and a homogeneity in all registers. This clarinet, which also has great stability, has won over innumerable musicians throughout Europe.
RC Bb $4,890  

RC A $5,844  

RC Eb $5,682 



Research and development is both a rigorous and creative process. In collaboration with Buffet Crampon workshops and internationally renowned clarinetists, Paul Meyer worked on the research project for developing new acoustics, resulting in the Divine clarinet.  This model benefits from having the same hole placement as the Tosca model which allows for better intonation in every register. The improved bore favors flexible register-crossing and freer blowing during the most demanding pieces. The Divine clarinet comes with two barrels – 65mm (442hz) and 66mm (440hz) – which fit with both the Bb and the A model.  The Divine is made of grenadilla wood with specific upper joint Green Line tone-hole slots eliminating air leaks on tone-holes most prone to crack.The carbon wire (a Buffet Crampon patent), which replaces the metal rings, makes the clarinet 60 grams lighter and thus contributes to its exceptional balance with greater vibration and freer blowing. As with the Tosca model, the Divine clarinets are equipped with a low F correction key.  New keywork and spatulas enhance the clarinet’s ergonomics without destabilizing the musician’s capabilities. Whereas the Tosca clarinet was the R13 bore’s top range model, the Divine features the Buffet Crampon RC bore’s latest evolution.This new range of clarinet represents a major step forward in Buffet Crampon’s history, by fusing technical expertise with unparalleled craftsmanship in French wind instrument manufacturing. 

Divine Bb $8,544  

Divine A $8,900 



 The Tradition, with its entirely new bore concept took the music world by surprise, combining age-old know-how with fundamental research. This year, Buffet Crampon is proud to present once again a completely new model, Légende.

     This new clarinet is also the result  of these developments in methodology and touts the same virtues as its  high-end counterparts, including:  

  • Metal-capped tenons, for an enduring union between upper and lower joints
  • GreenLine tone hole slots, ensuring an air-tight closure and flawless sound while eliminating the risk of cracking
  • A low F correction key to enhance the sound in this characteristic scale
  • Ergonomic rings for a more comfortable and intuitive feel (Légende exclusively)
  • Natural wood, specially selected and honed for a perfect resonance

  It is also the arrival of a whole new  line that, for the first time, proposes aesthetic options, a clarinet  that comes in rose gold and silver – a new Golden Age – as was done for  instruments made during our 190th anniversary. An original medallion in gold plate puts a finishing touch on this  clarinet, distinguishing it as a unique and notable instrument.
Legende Bb $7,345
Legende A $7,765


Instruments, cont.



 "Sound at its purest level" ...
The project was completed with the objective of offering a clarinet in its most natural form, with no unnecessary changes or overstated technology. The new bore concept traces its inspiration to one of the earliest modern professional clarinets, the fabled Buffet Crampon BC20. Featuring a cylindrical bore design, the new clarinet harkens back to the purity of sound produced by the BC20, with a tone hole placement inspired by the Tosca design. The result is an instrument that presents a clear, focused, rich sound suitable for any acoustic environment and an even scale for consistent intonation throughout all registers. These innovations allow the amateur or professional clarinetist to focus on making music, rather than constantly adjusting their embouchure and voicing. The new clarinet also places its roots firmly in research and development from Buffet Crampon’s American and French Artists. The American team, composed of Buffet Crampon Artists Jonathan Gunn, Burt Hara, Victoria Luperi, Mark Nuccio and Gregory Raden, along with French Artists Michel Arrignon, Nicolas Baldeyrou and Paul Meyer, were united around this project to share their performance experiences as orchestral players and soloists, and world view of the clarinet. And what a result!
Tradition Bb Nickel $4,881  Tradition Bb Silver  $5,185 Tradition A Nickel $5,699  Tradition A Silver $5,941  




"The legendary choice of professionals" ... 

Throughout its long lifetime, BUFFET CRAMPON has developed the most complete range of clarinets, while always taking musicians', conductors' and composers' requirements into consideration. Developed in 1955 under the guidance of Robert Carrée, the R13 clarinet quickly became the legendary choice of professional musicians. Musicians are charmed by its rich and focused sound, its power in all registers and its flexibility. The R13 is suitable for all types of musician, symphony or chamber music, soloists, teachers, those in marching bands, students and amateurs. Nickel or silver key plating. Available in Green Line.
R13 Bb Nickel $3,619  

R13 Bb Silver $4,092 

R13 A Nickel $4,393  

R13 A Silver $4,867  

R13 Eb $5,505




A colorful sound for each talent! Three international renowned artists--Jacques Lancelot, Guy Deplus and Michel Arrignon--collaborated to produce the Festival clarinet. It meets the needs of today's musicians and teachers who are faced with the daunting task of interpreting a wide repertoire of works from Mozart to Boulez. Musicians will certainly appreciate its depth of sound, which is particularly warm. The tone and precision of this instrument are in perfect harmony. The Festival belongs to the R13 bore family and has a rich powerful fluid tone. Bb & A models available in unstained African blackwood or Green Line material.
Festival Bb $4,746 
Festival A $5,557 


E12 F


 "Your first performance"... Recommended by music teachers because of its easy response and remarkable accuracy, this clarinet helps the musician to develop his musical talent. The E11 clarinet is available in A, Eb & C. It is made of African blackwood, which is also called M'Pingo wood. This special wood is found in the forests of Mozambique and Tanzania. M'Pingo wood is known for its resonance and stability, making it an ideal material for musical instruments. E12F Eb - Composers are writing more and more for the Eb clarinet in order to take advantage of its rich powerful tone. Buffet Crampon has developed an Eb student model in African blackwood. With a bore that allows for easy response, this "specialised" instrument can be played by all. E12F C - The C model has been designed for very young players with their comfort in mind. Teachers recommend this instrument because it promotes correct embouchure. The mouthpiece is the same as on Bb clarinet. The ergonomic key design was created specially for younger players.
E12F Bb $2,082  

E12F A, C and Eb call for price and availability 



 Free blowing and a high quality hand finish, with a strong heritage. Constructed by traditional methods, combining technology and experience. Manufactured by Buffet Crampon, in specially dedicated German workshops in Markneukirchen. 

Call for price and availability

Bass Clarinets


An excellent professional instrument, the 1183 Bass Clarinet is equally well suited for the concert band or the symphony orchestra. The 1183 Bass Clarinet produces a rich, well centered tone that blends easily with an ensemble. 

The 1193 is an orchestral bass clarinet, with an extended range down to Low C. Both available in African blackwood or Green Line. 

The new Tosca Bass is an incredible
instrument combining the Tosca design with an
improved register mechanism for unsurpassed
clarity and pitch in the throat tones!

We also carry the wonderful 1180 Intermediate Model Low Eb Bass, a great instrument at a very affordable price! Please call or write for more info.

1180 Low Eb Intermediate, call for price
1183 Low Eb Bass Clarinet $11,492
1193 Low C Bass Clarinet $12,579
Tosca Low C Bass Clarinet $14,540