About Us


Welcome to the Ann Arbor Clarinet Connection, an Authorized Buffet Crampon Professional Dealer. We opened in 2008 with a single-minded purpose of providing hand-selected Buffet Crampon clarinets to a discerning clientele. Since then,  A2C2 has established itself as one of the country's most prolific dealers. Our philosophy is to stock Buffet Crampon clarinets that provide our clients with instruments that not only exhibit desired traits of evenness of scale, superior intonation, and richness of tone, but also provide personality, the ability to create and manipulate tonal colors. To that end, we stock a wide variety of Buffet models, and on restocking trips to Buffet Group USA headquarters in Jacksonville, FL are most interested in finding clarinets with personality regardless of model. This service is provided to you at no extra charge.

In addition, all professional model Buffet Crampon clarinets that A2C2 sells can be set-up in-house for a nominal charge. This set-up includes an upgrade to cork pads and Buffet Custom GT pads on R13 models, or to cork pads on the upper joint of Tradition, Festival, RC, R13 Prestige, and RC Prestige models, spring tensions adjusted, key heights adjusted, and bumpers replaced where needed or requested. All sales include Buffet Crampon's Warranty Policies. Trade-ins are welcomed. 

Wodkowski Mouthpieces

A2C2 is pleased to be the exclusive US distributor of Ramon Wodkowski mouthpieces!! We have begun receiving custom-made Wodkowski mouthpieces in very small batches in a variety of facings. Please email or call for more details.


We just returned from a successful restocking trip to the Buffet Crampon Factory in Mantes la Ville, outside of Paris! It was a memorable trip visiting the factory, seeing how the instruments are made, and hand-selecting RC and RC Prestige instruments. We picked up Bbs, As, and Ebs, so if you are in the market for those models, please be in touch to have first crack at them. Arrival of those instruments is expected sometime in July 2017.

If you haven't yet heard, Buffet is offering a $200 rebate off of the purchase price of all R13 (not Prestige) and Tradition clarinets through July 15, 2017. We have a very nice stock of R13s as well as some Traditions.

We will again be exhibiting at the 2017 Conference of the International Clarinet Association, to be held in Orlando, FL July 27-29. If you will be attending stop by and visit our booth, #620.

For all of the clarinetists who have made the first 9 years of doing business so enjoyable, thank you, thank you, thank you! If you are in the Ann Arbor area, please come and see us. For those of you who haven't visited, you are always welcome!